Sweden and Swedish Brands: Fashion House Edition

My favorite Swedish fashion houses for everyday luxury!

Ever since moving to Sweden I’ve focused more on buying Scandinavian brands. It feels good to support local designers and I have come to love Swedish style. It is casual, interesting, non-constricting, simple, and made with quality materials.

Today I am going to share some Swedish brands I love and see often around town! Here are 5 brands for the Swedish dresser!

Acne Studios

This Stockholm-based fashion house is a funky mix of colorful materials and structured tailoring. The Creative Director and co-founder Jonny Johansson used photography, art, architecture and contemporary culture to influence his designs.

I have a few accessories from this brand, including the longest, coziest mohair checked scarf and the face logo beanie (you’ve seen the black one on the Swedish Netflix show Love & Anarchy). I opted for the bubble gum pink beanie, which is the perfect accessory to combat the Swedish winter darkness.

House of Dagmar

Founded in 2005, House of Dagmar is a Swedish fashion brand founded by three sisters who decided to reignite the legacy after their late grandmother Dagmar, who was a tailor.

Dagmar is great for work pieces, especially pieces to pair under blazers, like a classic turtleneck or an upscale tank. I also love pieces like this, which is an elevated everyday essential. And it is hard to go wrong with a classic coat.

Filippa K

Founded in 1993 by Filippa Knutsson, this brand is all about Scandinavian minimalism. I like shopping this brand for workwear or more formal pieces. The yummy cardigans, cool wool coats, and asymmetrical skirts definitely catch my eye.

[image: here]


Named after Swede Carin Rodebjer, this fashion house was founded in 2000 in New York. The brand is all about casual everyday elegance and focuses on conscious fashion through their material choices. Expect their pieces to be a little slouchy and blazers to be oversized (like much of Swedish fashion). I’ve purchased some classic tanks and flowy skirts. And this bubblegum pink scarf, which perfectly matches my beanie.

Tip! The often have a great sale on!

Tiger of Sweden

Based in Stockholm, this fashion house has been around since 1903 and has its roots in tailoring. From gorgeous pullovers (shown here) to workwear to basic T-shirts, this brand has you covered for all your needs.

Fun Facts:

  • As you can see, Stockholm is the place to be for Swedish fashion. Luckily, many of these brands can be found at the department store Åhléns all over Sweden, including in Malmö and Lund.

Tess’ Tips:

  • Since these brands are at a higher price point, I always try to purchase pieces that are timeless and made with real materials and not synthetics. Better for my wallet over time and better for the planet.
  • Interested in slightly more high-street Swedish brands? Read my post here!
  • Interested in Swedish brands for the outdoors? Read my post here to see my favorites!

Hope you learned some new Swedishness today and I’ll see you in the next post!

4 thoughts on “Sweden and Swedish Brands: Fashion House Edition

  1. Glad to have discovered your blog. I’ve long held an affinity with Sweden, having visited Stockholm a few years ago and hope to discover more places. Through music and literature I have maintained a connection, and with football I follow Malmö ff. My eleven year old son, football mad, believes that a visit to watch them would be a great away day – though I think that a bit extreme for to English guys 😂 Maybe one day, I promised him . . .

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