Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want to be a mystery to you! Here are some FAQs:

Who is the “me” behind Sweden and Me? 

That would be me, Tess! Learn more here.

What part of Sweden do you live in?

I live in Malmö in Southern Sweden, right near Copenhagen, Denmark!

How long have you lived in Sweden?

Since October of 2018.

Did you move to Sweden alone?

No, I moved with my American partner (or sambo) and our American cat, Clea (she is very well traveled).

What Swedish University did you go to?

I went to Lund University and completed a Master in Science at their school of Economics and Management.

Do you speak Swedish?

Not fully, but I’m learning!

Who is this blog for?

I created Sweden and Me with non-Swedes in mind – those of us whom are expats living in Sweden, people about to move here, tourist visiting this beautiful country, or the Scandinavian obsessed. I know many Swedes get a kick out of it too, though!

What makes you an expert on Swedishness?

While I am by no means an expert on all things Swedish, I definitely have learned a fair amount in the years that I have lived in Sweden (since 2018!). I hope that you will find that I have unique, interesting, and honest things to say about my experience as an expat in Sweden so far!

What does this logo represent?

That is a graphic representation of Gamla Stan in Stockholm, aka “Old Town”.

What do the words above your signature below mean?

Tack så mycket & Hej då means “Thanks so much & Goodbye” in Swedish.

What are your favorite things about Sweden?

Fika, interior design, and appreciating life’s simple pleasures!

Hope that helped satisfy some of your burning questions! If you have more, drop me a line at: