About Sweden and Me

Welcome to Sweden and Me, a blog dedicated to all things Swedish from an outsider’s perspective. I’m Tess, the “me” behind Sweden and Me.

Meet Tess

Hejsan! I’m from Los Angeles, California. Moving to dark and gloomy Sweden from sunny LA would have been a harder adjustment had I not lived in Oregon for two years prior – It was good training for the Swedish weather (read more on that here).

Since moving to Southern Sweden in 2018, I have been immersing myself in all things Swedish. During my time here, I have attended a Swedish university, worked at some Swedish companies, and eaten many Swedish pastries (kardemummabullar in particular). I’ve learned a lot about this special country and am here to share my knowledge with you! Whether you’ve been thinking of moving to Sweden yourself or just want to better understand what Swedishness is all about, this is the place for you. Enjoy!

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