Sweden and Swedish Brands: Outdoor Edition

My favorite Swedish brands for the outdoors!

Summer is here and, if you are like me, we are ready to get outside! I love camping, hiking, and generally being outdoors so I thought I would share my favorite Swedish things to use and wear when I am out in nature!

Here are my top 7 Swedish outdoor brands!


This outdoor brand is “Mad About Nature” and I can definitely tell. It is the go-to place for quality outdoor shoes, boot, and pants (byxor) in Sweden. They are very utilitarian and definitely pass the rugged test. But they also bring some flare with bright colors like these pink pants (modeled here by my friend Mirna in Abisko National Park)! These definitely cost a pretty penny though at around 2,500 SEK (~$300 USD) a pair.

Tip! They have an outlet shop!


This brand makes some of the best tents on the market! So lightweight and easy to assemble! Plus they have options for any weather you may be up against. We used the NALLO 2 GT for two nights in Abisko National Park and it was an amazing tent. We especially loved the covered vestibule area where we could remove our muddy shoes before entering the tent. We also made and enjoyed breakfast for four people in there!

Tip! They have an outlet shop!


If you want some great gloves (handskar) you should look into Hestra. Nick and I both have pairs that we wear daily during the Fall and Winter here.

Note: Delicious fika not included.


If you are looking for a camping cook set, look no further than Trangia. With them, you can make your own cooking sets with mix ‘n’ match pots, pans, burners, and coffee pots. They have been in the business for almost 100 years now, so you know they know what they are doing!

[image: Instagram]


This Swedish company is very well known in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) of the US, but I don’t believe many know that it is Swedish! If you are interested in decking out your car with bike racks, roof racks, or rooftop tents, this is the place to shop! We haven’t had a car since we moved to Sweden in 2018, but here you can see our paddle board atop a Thule roof rack. So handy!


For some, the great outdoors during the summer means nothing more than a day at the beach. My favorite brand for swimwear is Scampi. This brand started in 1983 and rates high on my sustainability list. They are climate positive, support solar power plant projects around the world, and all fabric (which is so soft!) is made with reclaimed ghost fishing nets found in our oceans. And the designs are beautiful!


Ah, the Swedish brand that so many know of, but cannot pronounce! Most known for their backpacks (Kånken) seen on college girls around the world, Fjällräven is also a serious outdoors brand in Sweden! They have tons of backpacking backpacks and quality jackets and shirts. I wouldn’t recommend this brand for very technical outdoor adventures, but they are great for day hikes during the Fall.

Now go enjoy the great outdoors!

Fun Facts:

Tess’ Tips:

  • I love a good discount code! Try finding one to make your purchases a little cheaper!
  • While they are Norwegian, I can’t not mention the brand Helly Hansen. It is one of my favorite brands, especially for rain coats, as I wrote here.
  • Nick bought a Hults Bruk hatchet back when we were living in the US not knowing it was a Swedish brand. They have been around since 1697 and the perfect addition to your supplies when you need to make some kindling for the fire.

Hope you learned some new Swedishness today and I’ll see you in the next post!


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