Sweden and 6 Day Trips Around Skåne: City Edition

My favorite cities to visit in Skåne County!

It is still summer in Sweden and the perfect time to do some traveling around! Since I live in Skåne, in Southern Sweden, I thought I would share my top six day trips in this area! And if you are looking for some day trips that are a little more outdoorsy, see my top places here!


Nick and I really enjoy Helsingborg (though his wacky face might not look like it here!) and typically go for a few day trips throughout the year. The city is very walkable and filled with many great restaurants. In addition to visiting the Dunkers Kulturhus or the City Theater (Stadsteater), you can also get some culture just by walking around. Visit Kärnan, the tower, and take in the great views from the Terrace Stairs (Terrasstrapporna), which were built between 1900-1903. In between stopping for a coffee and an ice cream cone, pop into St. Mary Church (Sankta Maria kyrka).

Tip! For fika, try Bruket and for lunch/dinner check out Olsons Skafferi and Drottninggatan 35.

Norrviken and Båstad

The gardens at Norrviken are absolutely amazing. While it is about a two-hour train journey from Malmö, it is absolutely worth it. Spend half a day walking around these private gardens and absolutely do not miss the Orangeriet restaurant. It was phenomenal.

Once you’ve finished seeing all of the gardens, walk, bike, drive, or bus back into the cute beachy town of Båstad. If you walk, you can follow the Skåneleden trail as we did along the coast. Båstad is a classic Swedish summer resort town and known for its wealthy inhabitants and tennis. Plan your visit during (or around, if you like less crowds) the Nordea Open held in Båstad in July each year.

You should also see the Church of Båstad, or St. Mary’s Church, built in the 15th century.

Tip! For fika, don’t miss the 100 year old Solbacken’s Waffel Mill (Solbackens Wåffelbruk) or Kafé Bokhandlaregården


If you are looking for white sand beaches, look no further than Falsterbo/Skanör. These beaches are great for a picnic, some dips in the water, or just watching the sunset. This area is also well know for birdwatching and golf!

Tip! Stop for some ice cream at DaNonna and fika at Hotell Spelabäcken.


I have enjoyed stopping through Kristianstad during longer day trips, such as to Wanås Konst skulpturpark. It is a nice place to break up longer day trips and they have some great restaurants, like Smaca. Be sure to visit Tivoli park (don’t miss the rose garden!), Naturum Vattenriket, and the Kristianstad Theater.


While I have yet to actually make it to Ven, my partner and I have booked trips to this island (ö) three separate times over the years, but have canceled each time due to the weather being poor. And that is purely because we want to walk some alpacas while in Ven! With Hven Alpacka you can book an alpaca trek and spend an hour or two walking alpacas around the island. How cool is that?!

We also want to go to the Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn whiskey distillery for a tour and tasting.


Kivik is a really cute city to visit in the Fall. Located in Österlen, the “Swedish Riveria”, it is a beautiful area. My favorite activity to do here is go apple picking (äppelplockning) at Kiviks Trädgård. I also never miss a stop at the Kivik Musteri (juicery). A hike at Stenshuvuds National Park is also a great idea in the fall, or any season.

Fun Facts:

  • You can access all of these spots for free via public transportation with the Skånatrafiken Sommarbiljetten!
  • The Kivik Musteri has been around since 1888!

Tess’ Tips:

  • Of course a trip to Malmö and Lund are also great ideas. I have separate posts on both cities, so click on the links to learn more.
  • While not technically in Skåne (it is just outside!), Ålmhult is a fun little city to visit. Best known as the birthplace of IKEA, it is a cute little town filled with IKEA history. A visit to the IKEA Museum is a must!

Hope you learned some new Swedishness today and I’ll see you in the next post!


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