Sweden and 5 Cozy Lunch Spots

My top five favorite place to lunch in Malmö.

As an American, November always makes me think of good food. And since today is Thanksgiving back home, I wanted to share some of my favorite places to eat. Since dining out in Sweden can be expensive (our salaries aren’t that high here), I thought I would share my top lunch spots, which often offer a special price on their menu at midday.

Kungsgatans Gryta

This hidden gem is one of my favorite places for a winter lunch in Malmö. It is a very small place with three window-facing bar stools and two family-style dining tables, so be prepared to get cozy with your neighbor and make a new friend! The menu is uber simple: one meat stew (gryta) and one veggie stew. Both options come with fresh bread and butter, a side salad with olives and sunflower seeds, and filter coffee.

The strews change each week and many people order takeaway. But I love sitting in the dinning room! It is filled with old portraits and has such a unique vibe. They are only open from 11:30-13:30 during the weekdays and in the summer it turns into a hotel!

Honestly, it is the strangest restaurant concept, but completely amazing. Definitely check this one out!


Rådhuskällaren, the Town Hall Basement, is exactly as advertised: it is a restaurant in the basement of the Town Hall! It is cozy and cavernous and often fully packed!

Lunch is served between 11:30-14:00 during the week and is 120 SEK (~$14 USD) per person for the day’s lunch menu, salad buffet, and drinks (typically lingonberry juice and coffee).


This Korean restaurant is on the Michelin Guide, so you know it is good. But making a lunch reservation (definitely do!) means that you can get the great taste without the full dinner price tag. You can’t go wrong with the ramen or the bibimbap!

They are open Tuesday to Friday from 11:30-14:00 for lunch and located right in cute Lilla Torg.

Slottsträdgårdens Kafè

If the sun is shining, expect to find me at Slottsträdgårdens Kafè. This cafe is located in the gardens (trädgården) of the Malmö castle (slott). There are tons of outdoor seating (watch out for the hungry birds!) and often live music on the weekends during the summer.

If the weather does turn, there is a converted greenhouse when you can sit safe and sound. I love this space, particularly for their wood burning stove! All of the food is delicious and be sure to order some fika as well!

Sushi Rebellion

This is my favorite place for sushi in town and located right near my work, so perfect for lunch runs! Their lunch menu is the same as their dinner menu, however, so don’t expect a cheaper meal during the daylight. My favorite things on the menu? The zesty salmon roll, the popcorn shrimp, and the salmon tataki! Can you tell I’m a salmon lover?

And perhaps you are wondering where Swedish meatballs fit into all of this?! I have a whole post on the topic where I list three great places for Swedish meatballs in Malmö. Read my post on Swedish meatballs here!

Fun Facts:

  • During Kungsgatans Gryta‘s first year of business they only served one stew, and it always had meat in it. Nice that my vegetarian friends can come enjoy my favorite lunch spot now, too!

Tess’ Tips:

  • Pea soup and pancakes are a Swedish tradition during the winter. Many of these places serve it on Thursdays but Rådhuskällaren‘s is a favorite of mine! Be sure not to miss it.

Hope you learned some new Swedishness today and I’ll see you in the next post!


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