Sweden and Swedish Meatballs

Where to find the best Swedish meatballs in Malmö.

Back when I was living in the US, the only place I ever came across Swedish meatballs was at an IKEA. And honestly, I always enjoyed them!

But now that I have lived in Sweden for three years, I have been able to fully embrace the world of Swedish meatballs and am ready to share with you my top three places to get Swedish meatballs in Malmö!


Bullen is my go-to place for Swedish meatballs. Ever since we discovered this cozy, pub-style restaurant three years ago, my partner and I have brought all of our visiting friends and family here. While all of their food has been delicious, their Swedish meatballs are our favorite!

They serve a classic veal meatball, but with a whiskey cream sauce instead of just the standard “brown sauce” (yes, it is called that!) that one typically gets with Swedish meatballs. It is so good and something a little unique and different. But the candle-lit ambiance is what seals the deal as my favorite place to get Swedish meatballs in Malmö.


The Opera Grill is one of my favorite places for a nicer lunch in Malmö. Their Thursday pea soup and pancake buffet (more on that in a future post!) is a total winner and their chicken Caesar salad can’t be beat. But it is also a great option for a plate of delicious Swedish meatballs!

At Operagrillen, you will get the Swedish classic dish: veal meatballs with a brown cream sauce, pickled cucumbers, raw lingon berries and mashed potatoes. And then maybe follow the meal up with a nice opera next door! I recently saw A Mid Summer Night’s Dream here!


If you are interested in a more casual dining experience, perhaps for lunch during the work day or takeaway for a mysigt night in, look no further than Spoonery. This Swedish chain is one of my favorite spots and located all across Malmö.

Their Swedish meatballs are cozy and hearty. But what sets them apart is that you get whole boiled small potatoes instead of mashed – topped with brown sauce, pickled cucumbers, and raw lingon berries, of course!

There you have it, my favorite spots for Swedish meatballs in Malmö! Let me know yours in the comments below!

Fun Facts:

  • Bullen means “the bun”!
  • Spoonery has three locations in Malmö currently.
  • I still order Swedish meatballs any time I go to the IKEA store here!
  • Nick and I have made some from scratch at home! They turned out great!

Tess’ Tips:

  • My parents loved the Swedish meatballs at restaurant Thott’s, located in the Radisson Blu hotel here in Malmö. It didn’t make the cut for the top three on my list, but it gets an honorable mention!
  • Bullen also has a fantastic fish soup with saffron – perfect lunch for a cold winter day!

Hope you learned some new Swedishness today and I’ll see you in the next post!

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