Sweden and Mys

It is time to get cozy – Swedish style.

Now that it is mid-November it is officially starting to get dark and gloomy in Sweden and that can only mean one thing: Time to hide away inside.

But in Sweden, you don’t really hide away as much as enjoy the comfortable refuge of your home. And why is that? Well, simply because your Swedish home is mysigt, or cozy.

Perhaps you are already familiar with the Danish word hygge that has become Pinterest popular in the last few years? Well mys is Sweden’s equivalent. And like hygge, mys can be added to most other words to make them cozier. Such as:

  • fredagsmys – a cozy Friday night
  • mysbyxor – cozy pants to wear at home
  • mysbelysning – cozy lighting
  • myshörna – cozy corner, like the reading nook I put into my spare room
  • mysrum – cozy room
  • mysfaktor – coziness factor
  • mysstund – a cozy moment

As you can tell Swedes are masters at making everything a little more cozy. And honestly, I love it! Particularly because it helps me reframe things that I might have previously seen as semi-negative. That old pair of sweats with the holes in it that you can’t bring yourself to get rid of? Now they are mysbyxor! Rain pouring down outside? It just adds to the mysfaktor of being indoors. Feeling a little lame because you are staying home during a Friday night? No need to feel that way when you are having a fredagsmys! Calling something cozy makes everything better.

Many Swedes love to have a cozy activity, one that typically has a back-to-basics feel, like knitting or pottery. My favorite way to cozy up is with a great book and some candles. Maybe some soft jazz in the background. And of course writing hits the mark for me too. Just be sure to do it the Swedish lagom way – candles, but not scented; candies, but not so many you get a stomach ache.

In Sweden, you hear the word “cozy” everywhere. And, honestly, I use it all of the time too! It is definitely one of the things that has changed most about me since I moved to Sweden in 2018. How was meeting with a friend? So cozy. That new sweater? As cozy as can be. The weather? Cozy, as long as I am inside. Reading this blog? Definitely cozy…at least I hope you think so!

Fun Facts:

  • This word can take many forms in Swedish. Here are some:
  • mys – cozy (noun)
  • att mysa / myser – to be cozy, to cuddle (verb)
  • mysig / mysigt / mysiga – cozy (adjective)

Tess’ Tips:

  • Ready to have a fredagsmys of your own? Here is what you will need. Candles (many), pick-and-mix (or build your own) tacos, low lighting, and something sweet (perhaps candies!). Just remember to keep it simple and easy, so don’t feel bad about not scratch-making things!
  • Nothing is more cozy that a curled up kitty. Meet mine, Clea. Don’t you just want to fluff up that belly?!

Hope you learned some new Swedishness today and I’ll see you in the next post!

9 thoughts on “Sweden and Mys

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  4. I used to be a total sweatpants snob – would never wear them, proud that i didn’t own a pair, etc. Now, with the Covid lockdown and unfortunately some extra covid pounds, I have several pairs. I am officially reframing them as fasionable mysbyxor statements! Cozy, indeed!!

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