Sweden and Me: 1 Year Old

Happy 1st anniversary to my blog!

Somehow a full year has passed since I launched Sweden and Me! While I wasn’t new to blogging, starting a new one is always exciting and daunting. But Sweden and Me has been such a fun project! I have loved being able to share my experiences as an expat in Sweden, connect with readers around the world, and learn so much more about this country I call home!

In fact, I never expected to learn as much about Sweden as I have since starting this blog. Sure, I had heard about the Sami people in Lappland, but I didn’t know that they recognized eight distinct seasons before I started researching my post on them. I, similarly, didn’t know as much about the parental leave benefits one can receive in Sweden as I do now. Learning new things, and being able to share them with you, has been the biggest treat of all.

During this past year I have published over 70 posts with a wide variety of topics. So today I am going to breakdown what you can find where!

There are five categories on my blog. These are:

All Things Swedish Culture

This category is the place to learn about Swedish culture. What the heck is fika? Why are Swedes obsessed with the sun? How can I join in during a Swedish drinking song? I answer these questions and more in this category.

My favorite thing about writing these posts is how many Swedes have come up to me and said, I had no idea that other countries don’t do this too! or It sounds so weird when you write that Swedes jump around the Maypole as little frogs, but I never thought about it like that before! To be able to introduce an aspect of Swedish culture to Swedes through the eyes of an outsider has been so fun.

Swedes and expats alike love this section!

All Things Swedish Travel

This is your go-to destination (pun intended) for all things Swedish travel. I’ll take you on my journeys and show you where to eat, what to do, and when to go.

Follow me all around Sweden – from Abisko to Gotland to my home city of Malmö. I’ll help you plan your hiking trips and city excursions. And I’ll explain how you can do it on the cheap with Allemansrätten.

All Things Swedish Immigration

This category is dedicated to those interested in moving to Sweden as an expat. You’ll find advice on everything from getting a job to finding an apartment.

All Things Sweden and Me: Tess

Here you can find posts that a 100% personal in nature – they are solely about my experience as an expat in Sweden. Expect to see them on bigger occasions, such as my Swede-aversary (what I call the anniversary of when I moved to Sweden)!

The first post in this series will be out next week – just in time for my three year Swede-aversary!

All Things Sweden and Me: The Blog

In this category you can find posts like this one. They are meant to help you better understand the purpose and structure of my blog, and help you navigate your way through it. If you are new to the blog, it is a great place to start!

Fun Facts:

  • I started design this blog and writing posts for it in July of 2020, but didn’t launch it until October 2020!

Tess’ Tips:

  • If you navigate to the BREAKDOWN dropdown, you can select any category and see all of the posts there.

Hope you learned some new Swedishness today and I’ll see you in the next post!

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