Sweden and 5 Reasons to Visit

The five reasons you should come to Sweden!

With vaccinations rolling out and countries opening up, many of us are eager to start traveling again. As you look for places to visit, I think Sweden should be on your list. And here’s why.

It is modern and European

Sweden has a perfect balance (they’d call it lagom) of European charm and modern conveniences. I’d equate it to something like London, but with more updated plumbing.

See beautiful Baroque or Renaissance architecture. Walk down cobblestone streets with pastel-painted cottages. Marvel at modern and post-modern architectural wonders. And at the end of the day, go back to your Airbnb and enjoy the comforts of an in-unit washing machine, good heating, sturdy insulation, and a dishwasher.

Interested to learn more about Swedish architectural design? See my post here.

Everyone speaks English

As a foreigner traveling in Sweden you never have to worry much about not speaking the local language. The fact that most everyone here speaks English makes it very easy to get around, ask for restaurant recommendations, check into hotels, and so on. It is definitely makes things easy!

Interested to learn more about why so many Swedes speak English? See my post here.

The public transportation is easy

The trains and busses run on-time, offer air conditioning and charging outlets, and are fairly priced.

The easiest way to travel in Sweden is to buy your tickets online, often through an app. Just download the app for the region you are in (a quick Google search will give you all the information you need), connect your app to a card, and go.

It is cash-free

One of the great hassles of traveling abroad is needing to get the local currency. Managing exchange rates and carrying the right amount of cash (enough for a few days, but not too much in case you get mugged!) can make a vacation feel like work. And in Sweden we use the Swedish Krona, not the Euro, meaning that you would have needed another currency if you were traveling throughout Europe.

But those days are over! Almost all of Sweden is cash-free now so know that when you come here all you need is swipe your card and be on your way!

It is safe

Sweden is a very safe country. You will not be bothered as you travel about (Swedes are very reserved, remember?) and your belongings, wallet, and person will be safe here.

So, there you have it, five reasons to visit Sweden! Now all that is left is to book your trip!

Fun Facts:

  • No need to tip in Sweden! Since we tip in the US, many Americans feel unsure what the cultural expectations are when traveling. Know that in Sweden you are not expected to tip at restaurants or for massages, haircuts, et cetera.

Tess’ Tips:

  • The best time to visit Sweden is in the spring and summer, so from about May until August. Be warned that the weather can turn cold quickly here and that many places have seasonal hours, so be sure to call ahead!
  • Be sure to notify your bank that you will be out of the country so they don’t freeze your card due to unusual spending.
  • If you can, consider getting a credit card that offers no foreign transaction fees. This is perfect for visiting a country like Sweden where you use a card to make all of your purchases. I love the Capital One VentureOne card and have used it all over the world for years without issue.

Hope you learned some new Swedishness today and I’ll see you in the next post!


3 thoughts on “Sweden and 5 Reasons to Visit

  1. All compelling reasons why one should visit Sweden. I’d add exploring the big and many-varied vats of Saturday candies! And, of course, to see you and Nick!!!!!

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